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Because this is an electronic journal, information is available around the clock. No waiting for a monthly paper publication to arrive!

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Nursing Focused

This journal focuses on nursing and practical nurses, as well as other aspects of the health care industry.

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Medical Careers

This journal also covers information about various medical careers and fields in addition to the field of practical nursing.

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Thanks for visiting the Asian Journal of Practical Nursing!

You'll find a variety of information covered in this journal relating to practical nursing, nursing careers, the medical industry, and more! All of the journal articles associated with this journal will be published here online and not in any printed format or on any other website.

If you're someone who's looking to learn more about the field of practical nursing or considering becoming a nurse, you may find the information here to be very informative. Even if you're simply someone who's curious about the nursing industry, you'll still likely find this information to be informative. Journal articles will be published on an as-available basis, so there isn't a complete structure to how and when these articles will be published, but when they are published, it will be here on this site.


This journal focuses on nursing.

It should be clear at this point that this particular journal focuses on nursing, and more specifically on practical nursing.

In addition to nursing, general information about the medical industry may be covered

Information such as other health care careers aside from nursing, trends in the medical industry, and other similar topics may be covered.

Other Health Care Industry Publications

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